Our Brain and its Abilities

Scientifically speaking or rather biologically speaking, all our brains have equal ability to perform certain tasks and equal ability to handle load.

Minor differences in sizes might be there but put under similar conditions, I believe, they shouldn’t show much differences.

When I say similar conditions, that might not mean in the same house or having the same parents, but rather means that they face the exact things in life and learn the exact things, in short, going through the same things and experiences which lets our brain to develop certain habits and get adapted to certain situations or rather lets the brain go through certain conditions and makeover.

In such a case, two brains would perform very similarly; of course, due to genetic differences, minor changes will be there, but the whole point here is that, kept under similar conditions, two normal brains will perform similarly.

The point of saying all these is that all the people in the world have different problems or tensions in their lives at some certain times. Some have very grave problems at times and some have normal ones. Grave problems or incidents like some close family member passed away or something really bad happened to someone and minor problems like exam didn’t go well or maybe not as expected or even maybe, preparations are not up to mark or maybe even going to get late for office.

But what I am trying to say here is that the capacity of the brain to handle pressure or load is the same, scientifically. But still you will see that different people take different levels of tensions for different issues. Some guy will take the same amount of tension for preparations for his final exams not being up to the mark as the guy whose dad just passed away. Of course, there is a huge difference in these two things, however different the two guys maybe. But the main thing/catch here is how we train ourselves to handle pressure. If we handle it well, any amount of pressure can be handled, any big event can be handled without freaking out.

You may be one of those persons who take a lot of tensions in small issues or you might at least know someone like that – freaking out at the smallest possible things. For things like missing the first bus to office, even when the next bus is only a few minutes away or spending a few extra bucks on something and realizing later that he could have saved those extra bucks if he would have bought that thing from some particular shop and then going all crazy about that or anything silly of that sort.

While, on the other hand, you might also know someone who stays really cool at any problem he faces. Its not like he’s not a concerned person, he just knows how to handle pressure and how to keep oneself calm at pressure situations.

So, the main and the most important thing in my attempt to tell about the brain and its abilities is that the capacity of the brain to handle pressure or tension or happiness, for that matter, is limited. It is upto us how we train it and to what extent we can push it. But it is for sure, a well trained brain can handle any amount of pressure. Now, when I say, can handle any amount of pressure, it doesn’t mean that we bring a well trained man who can handle pressure very well and connect electric wires in his head and then apply electrical pressure. In that case, he will break down, coz he is not physically capable to handle that amount of mechanical and electrical pressure. But pressure which gets generated in our mind from day to day activities can be very well handled and kept under control. It simply depends on us, how much load we assign to our brain.

One might assign the same amount of pressure or load to his brain for a comparatively minor issue as to one who does that amount for a major issue. It’s very much like the way a heavy drinker hardly gets drunk with small amount of Alcohol and has control over himself until he doesn’t drink really a lot while a new-bee or an occasional drinker creates a whole lot of nuisance only with a few drinks. It’s all about practice and adaptation. Also, many a time, it’s about keeping patience and holding oneself back. We must understand that, if somebody else
can handle it, we can too; it is just that he has trained himself to handle it, knowingly or unknowingly. We can also do it, only that we might need some time to get ourselves at his level; we need to train ourselves to handle situations better and how do we do that? By not freaking out at the smallest thing possible. If we have friends who do that, we must make them understand that this is not the end of the world and it was just a mistake or whatever, we must make them understand that there might be bigger problems in life in the future, how are we going to handle it, what if we were attacked by some neighboring country and our nearest state has just been bombarded, what if we have a third war, what if we have a giant flood or earthquake, there are ‘n’ number of issues which are way bigger than our day to day activities, but we do not realize. We keep worrying about very minute issues in life which wouldn’t even matter in case of some major event. How will our brain handle such a situation then? It won’t be able to handle it. Simple. We will simply surrender or succumb to the immense pressure of it.

Let’s not worry about such gigantic issues, let’s just simply focus at normal issues. Suppose, you are travelling to work with your friend, colleague or partner and suddenly your friend has a heart attack. What are you going to do? If you are a person who takes tension at minor issues, you are certainly going to freak out and won’t be of much help. While, on the other hand, a person who doesn’t freak out will be able to help in whatever way he can and if he is somewhat trained in handling such situations he might be able to prevent big damages. On the other hand, in the absence of such a person, your friend’s life might be in grave danger. Think if you would be that person, who is able to handle such situation and save your friend’s life, what amount of happiness you will feel. No amount of money or any material gain can match that. We must train ourselves to handle such emergencies and of course, not to freak out.

We have to tell our brain that it must prepare itself for tougher situations and that if anything bad happens to us, we must tell it that whatever happens, ‘This too Shall Pass’. Everything does. Good or Bad. In case of anything bad or in case we are very angry at someone or something, we must try to let go. We must think of better things , about things we like. Maybe, we should eat something we like. Chocolates are known to be great stress-busters and a feel good thing. Try to change your mood. Go visit some old friend or someone you like to talk to, it might be the shopkeeper of the corner shop or the neighbor kid even. If you are in the old habit of drinking, fetch yourself a drink or two, maybe.

Try to understand that life is strange and diverse too. Also that, there are no good or no bad people. There are only people , with characteristics or nature you might like to call good or bad. Those people, whose some characteristics are not liked by most of the people, come to be known as bad people. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, it’s simply that many people do not like his characteristics. We should remember that it’s circumstances that maketh a man. So, the circumstances, under which he grew, made him who he was then.

Instead of calling people as good or bad, I would like to call them Strong or Weak. A strong person can differentiate between good or bad, or rather, what he should do and what he shouldn’t ; he keeps the ability to decide against something if he thinks he shouldn’t do that. While the weaker person simply falls prey to what they are taught or what they learn at some point of time, even if they think that they shouldn’t do it, they cannot resist themselves or they are too bounded by their own belief and cannot reason clearly.

A Strong person is one who can learn something and again unlearn it if he realizes that it is not the right thing and can again learn something different with the same enthusiasm. Here also, the role of the brain is very important. It is only if you train the brain to do such things at a lower level can it be used to do at a higher level or for serious issues. For eg, if you are a religious person all your life and suddenly, someone tells you that there is No God, it is just an illusion. Of course, your untrained brain will not be able to take it. On the other hand, if you have trained your brain to reason from your very childhood, if you have taught your brain that whatever you are learning today or whatever you know today might not be the ultimate truth and that, tomorrow it might change too, then it might not be that big a shock for you. It doesn’t mean that, then you will believe that, but of course, you will reason, you won’t be adamant or stubborn. You will consider the points and apply logic to it and check their validity and then finally, take a decision. When you teach your brain this process, it becomes very flexible to different events happening around you and you become more forgiving and accepting.

For example, when you are a kid and some friend tells you to not talk to or mingle with some particular guy because he is a bad guy, we follow it, we do not talk to him or mingle with him. It happens with every kid. But many a time, later on, we realize, that guy was not actually bad. It was just a childish misconception. And then, we become friends with the guy. Now, if we teach our kids from their very childhood to start reasoning and if we teach them not to take anything for granted just like that and that no kid is actually bad, they have just not been properly trained, just imagine what big difference it’s going to make to our future generations and future societies. We must teach them to ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’. How to counter what they have learnt before, with something new and more logical and which is more contemporary. We should make them realize that basically, it’s all in the mind, in this case, Brain.

Brain, Brainier, Brainiest.  🙂


Life of a Man

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